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Do you own vacation rentals, or are you a real estate agent looking for a professional photographer to shoot your listings? Have you tried to take your own photos and were disappointed with the results? I have 30+ years of photographic experience with 10 years experience shooting rental and real estate listings. I use all high end, high resolution Nikon bodies, lens, and flash equipment. You will receive 20-25 images and 2 folders. One high resolution for your hard copy needs, and one folder sized for internet use. Turn around time is 1 day. File transfers are usually done via Drop Box. I live and work on North San Diego county, and will travel to south Orange county as well as east and south San Diego county. Price is $150 for units up to 2500 sq.ft. and $200 over 2500 sq.ft Drone services available. Thanks for your time, and looking forward to working with you. Lance Smith 760 845-9803
[email protected]